Corporate Services

Syndicated Business Solutions provides the following corporate services to businesses:


We can provide advise on and perform all of the following business related services. SBS can perform all the services you would find at an Alberta Registry for your business. From opening a new company, preparing your minutebook, replace a lost minutebook, annual corporate returns, dissolving your existing company and almost anything else you might need.

SBS Corporate Services

Structure Consultation

When we look a ta company we look at structure and when we look at structure we look at the owners and whats in their best interest as it relates to liability, taxation and protecting wealth or estate building. We can assist in shareholder agreements, share structure, opening or structuring a Holding company.

SBS Corporate Services

Ensuring Business Compliance

An annual corporate return mus the filed yearly with the provincial government, we perform this for you and update your minute book to reflect the filling and to perform your annual minutes for the minute book.

Syndicated Business Solutions

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